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Buying OzTests Mock Test Subscription

1. Click on Pricing on the top menu or CLICK HERE FOR MOCK TETS PACKS

2. Subscription Options

  • Check subscription validity and pricing for available Mock Test Packs
  • Click on the Buy button below the pack image.

3. Checkout Page

Please Read Instructions, Term of Use Policy and Privacy Policy before proceeding

  • Select Mock Test Pack Subscription Length from Checkout Options dropdown list

  • Enter Coupon Code if you any otherwise leave it blank
  • Click on Apply Button
  • Check if subscription price updated as per Coupon Code discount
  • CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US if Coupon Code does not work
  • Enter the following details to Create Profile
  • First Name, Last Name
  • E-Mail Address
  • Username
  • Password - Strength Indicator checks how strong password is, please do not use a Weak Password

  • Tick the reCAPTCHA Box
  • Click on PayPal Checkout Button to proceed

  • Please verify the amount before making payment
  • Click on Login Button if you want to use your PayPal account for payment
  • If you do not have a PayPal account, please use the PayPal Guest Checkout option to pay by Credit Card or Debit Card. Following cards can be used
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • AMEX
  • Discover

Buy Now Pay Later Option

4. Login to Your Account

You will be returned to OzTests website after the payment. Please login to verify your access

CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US if you have any issue with your account.

Taking Mock Tests

1. Login to OzTests

Click on Login on the Main Menu or Enter Login Details on OzTests Home Page

2. Student Dashboard

After login you will enter to Student Dashboard. The Dashboard has two areas

  • Test Area: Here you will see tiles for all mock test sets. You will see tiles for your subscribed packs only.
  • Resources: This area has additional resources like tips, account details and detailed report for completed tests.

Click on 'TAKE A TEST' to go to the test index.

3. Instructions and Test Index

Read the Instructions and click on a test link to start the test.

Note: Though completed tests will have Green Tick, theses mock tests can be attempted any number of times.

4. Start Mock Test Screen

Click on the button to start the test. Timer countdown for the test will start now.

Test Screen Menu and Buttons

Collapse Test Explorer Menu to Maximise Space for the Test

5. Main Test Window

The Test Window has

  • Remaining Time and Test Progress Bar show time remaining to complete
  • Question Review Panel shows a quick overview of the questions, clicking on a number will take you to that question Green Boxes indicates that question has been answered Amber Boxes indicates that question is marked for review White Boxes shows unanswered questions
  • Review Question Button - Click on it for the questions you are not sure and want reattempt
  • Mock Test Summary - This button will take you to end screen, click it if you won't finish the test early.
  • Navigation Buttons - Back and Next buttons will take you to the previous or next question.

6. Test Completion Screen

Here you will have last chance to review any question before submitting for the result.

7. Test Result Summary

You will see your test score, the average score for this test taken by all students and category-wise report.

8. Test Result Screen Options

There are three options

  • Click Here To Continue - This will start next unattempted test
  • Restart Mock Test - Click on it to the re-attempt same test
  • View Questions - This will expand to show a detailed test report showing student response, correct answer and explanations

9. Question Review Screen

This screen shows student response, correct answer and answer explanation with reference link to relevant Tips and Hints section for additional information.

10. Return to Student Dashboard

Click on Student Dashboard Menu item to go back to the dashboard

Reports and Review Completed Mock Tests

Reports and Review of Completed Tests are only available with paid subscription mock test packs.

1. Login to OzTests

Click on Login on the Main Menu or Enter Login Details on OzTests Home Page

2. Student Dashboard

Click on 'Test Review Reports Button'

3. Score Summary Screen

A. Click on '>' to expand reports for a test pack B. Statistics column will show score summary C. Click on 'lettered' icon next to percent score to see the detailed report

3. Question Review Summary Screen

Questions are grouped by category in review report so all question on Mathematics Operations will appear together irrespective to the order these appeared in the mock test

  • Click on 'view' link below a question to see details for the question
  • Incorrect answers will appear in RED BOLD colour
  • Correct answers are shown in GREEN BOLD colour
  • Question review section shows answer workout with link to relevant Reference Tips and Hints for more details

Mock Test Summary E-Mail


E-Mail Sample

Registered subscribers get an e-mail notification with a category-wise summary report as soon as the student completes a mock test. This helps in identifying the strengths of a student and also, topics need attention to improve the score.
Here is a sample e-mail notification sent to registered e-mail ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription and Account Queries


Q: Why my discount coupon did not work?

Check if a discount coupon is still valid and applicable to mock test pack you are buying. Some coupons are valid for particular subscriptions and will not work with other mock test packs.

The discount coupon should be applied on the checkout screen before making payment. See detailed instructions under 'Buying Mock Test Pack' section on our help page.

Q: I'm interested in purchasing the Mock test subscription. Could you please advise whether the test packs are sent out as hard copies, emailed as soft copies, or are the tests taken online?

All Mock Tests are taken online, please try our free mock tests to get familiar with the interface.

Q: How can I change my password.

The password can be changed by clicking 'Lost Your Password' or 'Forgot Your Password' option on OzTests Login Page. Alternatively, Click Here to Change Your Password.

Q: I am not able to log in to OzTests, it keeps on saying that there are too many IP Addresses accessing the account. Could you please check and let me know what went wrong while login.

Please check if your internet connection is stable and it is not getting reset frequently. This could change your IP and can cause an account lockout. Another thing to check if your account is not being used by another person.

Q: How can I check my subscription details?

You can see you subscription details by clicking on 'Account Management' tile on Student Dashboard.

Mock Test Queries


Q: Would there be answer explained for all mock tests?

Answers with explanation are provided for all tests.

Q: My son is trying to attempt a test. However, the answers are prefilled and time is showing starting from 24.00 m remaining. I suspect a problem. Could you please look into this?

The mock test may resume from the last saved state if the test was closed without completing. You can submit the responses and restart the test to start a new session.

Q: How many times I can attempt a test?

UNLIMITED - Tests can be attempted the unlimited number of times, the Green Tick indicates that the test has been attempted but does not stop you with attempting it again.

Q: What can I do after completing the test to see the answers.?

All completed mock tests can be reviewed by clicking 'Test Reviews and Reports' tile on Student Dashboard. Please see 'Reports and Review' section on the help page for detailed instructions.

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