SHS English Reading Practice Test FREE


→ Keep a blank sheet of paper and a pencil for rough work required to answer the questions.

→ Sit in a quiet place when you take the test to avoid any distraction.

→ This Test has 30 questions with a 40 min time limit to complete. You will see only 16 questions on the progress bar as two questions contain multiple sub-questions.

Drag-and-drop has 6 sub-questions; pay attention to options and drag-drop correct option carefully.

The fill-in-the-blanks question has 10 sub-questions to answer; type only A, B, C or D in the answer boxes otherwise your answer will be marked incorrect.

→ You can see remaining time counter on the top of the test screen.

→ You can skip the questions and re-attempt later by clicking on the question number at the top of the test screen.

→ Do not leave any question unanswered; make an intelligent guess if you do not know the answer. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers.

→ You will get a question category-wise report at the end of the test.

→ Click on View Questions button on result screen for a detailed report to view correct answers with explanation.

→ You can attempt this Practice Test UNLIMITED number of times.

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