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What Do We Offer

Full-length Practice Tests

Online mock or practice tests are carefully designed to closely match the actual test environment though these tests do not contain real test questions. Each test has the same number of questions with the time limit as the actual test. The question distribution is close to the actual exam, based on past papers available on DoE website.
Students can skip the questions, re-visit previously attempted questions and can change the answer in mock tests as long they still have time to complete the test.

The test result displays category-wise report along with test score and student's position for the test. Students also receive the summary of the test report in the registered e-mail as soon as they complete the test.

Students can instantly review all questions after completing the test. The test review provides the correct answers along with the step-by-step solution of each question.

Students can also review all previously completed tests from the student dashboard and then reattempt the test.


Mini Tests (Untimed)
Mini Mode tests have topic-specific questions rather than a mixture of questions as in Practice Tests. These tests do not have a time limit which allows students to think thoroughly before answering rather than rushing due to time limit. Students get the solution to the question after submitting their response.
Revision Plus
Revision Plus provides quick notes with examples on a wide range of categories of questions, e.g. Numerical Reasoning, Measurements, Verbal Reasoning etc. Each category has tips on solving problems and examples of different kind of questions being asked usually. Step-wise solution explained for each example questions. An alternate approach to solve the question is shown for some questions. This helps students with quick revision and also, correcting common mistakes they make during practice test.