Changes to NSW Opportunity Classes (OC) Practice Tests

  As NSW OC Entrance Test is changing and so we are. Since changes are significant and hence, it will take us some time to refresh our OC Practice Packs.

We are trying our best to provide practice tests to students at the earliest some they can start practising the new format.

We will be refreshing our tests gradually so students do not need to wait for all new tests.

The new tests will be replacing existing ones as follows

- The new OC-METS packs will replace the OC pack.

- Existing OC Practice Test Set-1 and Set-2 will be replaced by

- New OC Thinking Skills Practice Tests

- New OC Mathematical Reasoning  Practice Tests and

- New OC Reading Tests

Tentative Schedule for New NSW Selective Tests Format

(on or before)
Activity Remarks
18 Apr 2021 30 new tests (10 Thinking Skill, 10 Mathematical Reasoning and 10 Reading) will replace all existing tests Completed.
09 May 2021 30 new tests (10 Thinking Skill, 10 Mathematics Reasoning and 10 Reading) will be released Completed. OC METS Pack upgraded to 60 tests.
06 June 2021 More tests will be released The METS pack will be upgraded
21 Jul 2021 OC Placement Test We wish Good Luck to All Students!


Some More Information

How does it impact your subscription?

You do not need to take any action, your current subscription will be converted to the new pack.

- All current subscription will be converted to new OC-METS packs

- The validity of the new subscription will remain unchanged.


What if you do not like new practice tests?

In case, you do not like new practice tests, you will be eligible to cancel your subscription and ask for a refund if you have purchased an NSW OC Practice Test subscription before 31 Mar 2021.

Note: You can apply for the refund latest by two days after we release after the first 30 tests set.

So, if we release the first set on 15th April; you are eligible for a refund till 17th April.

The refund will be issued on a pro-rata basis using the following formula

The Eligible Refund = (Amount Paid for Subscription) x (Remaining duration of the subscription in days) ÷ (Length of the original subscription in days)

For Example:

If you paid AUD 140 for six months and still have three months remaining

Your Refund = 140 x 90 ÷ 180 = AUD 70

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