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NSW Opportunity Classes

The Opportunity Class Placement Test is written by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). It is a secure test and papers cannot be viewed before or after the test session. The test does not normally contain any questions used in previous tests and measures ability rather than performance on the school curriculum.

The new Opportunity Classes Placement Test consists of three sections; here is the latest test information:

Section Minutes Questions Type
Reading 30 25 Multiple choice
Mathematical Reasoning 40 35 Multiple choice
Thinking Skills 30 30 Multiple choice


Minimum Entry Scores
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Review of Selective Tests System

The NSW Department of Education conducted a review of the methods and processes used to identify and place gifted students in selective schools. The department created a thirteen-point action plan to make the selection process more fair and accessible to all.

Summary of Action Items

Encourage more gifted students from under‑represented groups to apply
Ensure appropriate provisions and adjustments for gifted students with disability
Make the selection process more relevant for gifted students from rural and remote areas, and the selective schools that target them
Minimise imprecision to increase confidence in the accuracy of measurement
Align the difficulty of the tests to the ability levels of the gifted students sitting them
Update the frameworks used to guide test design and incorporate state-of-the-art assessment strategies
Ensure mathematical and English ability are correctly weighted
Reduce predictability and coachability, and support schools in preparing their students to sit the selection tests
Partner with schools, families and communities to revise the School Assessment Score process
Closing the gender gap in the selection system
Consider adjustments to the process of nominating school preferences
Partner with schools, families and communities to review post-Year 7 entry to selective education
Strengthen the department’s ability to link data across the NSW education system and its responsiveness to emerging trends in selective education

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OC Placement Test Dates

Year Dates of the Opportunity Classes Placement Test
(for Year 4 students seeking entry to Year 5 the following year)
2022 28 July 2022 for 2023 entry
2023 TBA for 2024 entry
2024 TBA for 2025 entry
2025 TBA for 2026 entryy

Information Source: Public Schools, NSW Department of Education