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Full-length Practice Tests

Online mock or practice tests are carefully designed to closely match the actual test environment though these tests do not contain real test questions. Each test has the same number of questions with the time limit as the actual test. The question distribution is close to the actual exam, based on past papers available on DoE website.
Students can skip the questions, re-visit previously attempted questions and can change the answer in mock tests as long they still have time to complete the test.

The test result displays category-wise report along with test score and student's position for the test. Students also receive the summary of the test report in the registered e-mail as soon as they complete the test.

Students can instantly review all questions after completing the test. The test review provides the correct answers along with the step-by-step solution of each question.

Students can also review all previously completed tests from the student dashboard and then reattempt the test.

Simulated Practice Exam mode

Students, preparing for selective high schools, can take a reading, mathematics and general ability test in one sitting with 10 min gap between tests. This is how they do in the actual test.

60 OC Mock Tests are arranged in 30 Simulated Practice Exams, each having two parts like actual OC Placement exam. Each of these tests can be taken separately or as an exam by attempting part-1, take 10 min break and then attempt part-2.

We strongly recommend students to attempt a few exams before sitting in the actual exam. This will help them in managing time and also, will develop the habit of taking back-to-back tests.

Mini Tests (Untimed)
Mini Mode tests have topic-specific questions rather than a mixture of questions as in Practice Tests. These tests do not have a time limit which allows students to think thoroughly before answering rather than rushing due to time limit. Students get the solution to the question after submitting their response.

Students are tested for their quick thinking and correctness in Opportunity Classes and Selective Entrance Tests. We created RapidFire to help students in improving time to answer the questions. In gaming like experience, students are challenged to answer as many as questions they can in five minutes. Questions are selected randomly from our question banks and are similar to actual tests. Students are rewarded one point for each correct answer; there is no penalty for an incorrect answer. Students can play RapidFire until they run out-of-time. Like any game, students get a test score and ranked against other students.

All OzTests, except Selective High Reading Comprehensions only pack, have RapidFire included. Each RapidFire has two levels, Level 2 questions are a bit harder than Level 1 and hence more challenging. There is no limit on attempting RapidFire; students are encouraged to try it multiple times as question set is different every time a RapidFire session is started.

Revision Plus
Revision Plus provides quick notes with examples on a wide range of categories of questions, e.g. Numerical Reasoning, Measurements, Verbal Reasoning etc. Each category has tips on solving problems and examples of different kind of questions being asked usually. Step-wise solution explained for each example questions. An alternate approach to solve the question is shown for some questions. This helps students with quick revision and also, correcting common mistakes they make during practice test.

About Tests

NSW Selective High Schools

A Selective High School is a Public School focused on the academic success of students. These are different from a comprehensive school, which accepts all students, regardless of aptitude.

The High Performing Students Unit of NSW Department of Education conducts an entrance test for year 6 students seeking a place in selective high school. The Selective High School Placement Test is designed to measure ability through tests in reading, mathematics, general ability and writing. The test is held only in NSW and only on the test date each year.

The Selective High School Placement Test consists of a 20-minute writing test and three multiple-choice tests in:

Reading (30 questions)
Mathematics (35 questions)
 Thinking Skills (40 questions)

There are 17 fully selective high schools, 26 high schools with selective classes (partially selective), 4 agricultural high schools 2 and a virtual selective class provision offering selective placement in Year 7 for entry in NSW.

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NSW Opportunity Classes (OC)
The High Performing Students Unit of NSW Department of Education administers the opportunity class placement process. Opportunity classes are for Year 5 and Year 6 academically gifted students. These classes provide learning environment to gifted and talented students, teaching them in specialised ways and providing educational materials at the appropriate level.

Opportunity class is an optional two-year full time placement program for Year 5 and Year 6. There is no provision to apply for Year 6 placement only. Interested Year 4 students are required to go through selection process by sitting in a placement test to secure a place in these classes.

76 primary schools in NSW have opportunity classes program. In most cases students who accept a place in an opportunity class will leave their current school to attend the school with an opportunity class.

The Opportunity Class Placement test is made up of two parts (papers). Each part has 35 multiple-choice for which students have 30 minutes to complete each test paper. Both parts have mixture of questions from English, Mathematics and General Ability (logical thinking skills).

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VIC Selective High Schools
Victoria’s four selective entry high schools provide an educationally enriched environment for academically high-achieving students in Years 9 to 12 with approximately 1,000 places offered in any year.

Department of Education and Training, Victoria conducts a centralised entrance test for Year-9 entry in the following selective entry high schools:

Melbourne High School, South Yarra
The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, Melbourne
Nossal High School, Berwick
Suzanne Cory High School, Werribee

The Selective Entrance Test

Students are selected based on a competitive entrance examination which is made up of both ability tests and achievement tests. The exam consists of five tests in total and takes about three hours to complete.

The entrance exam There are The exam is as follows:

Ability Tests

Ability tests are targeted to measure students’ ability to solve problems without prior knowledge. The aim is to predict how quickly a student can learn and their ability to deal with complex problems.

The two ability tests are

Verbal Reasoning (multiple-choice, 30 minutes)
Numerical Reasoning (multiple-choice, 30 minutes)

Achievement Tests

The objective of achievement tests is to measure a student’s ability to apply the knowledge they have been learning. It measures their actual achievement or performance in key academic areas.

The three achievement tests are

Reading Comprehension (multiple-choice, 30 minutes)
Mathematics (multiple-choice, 30 minutes
Persuasive or Creative Writing (15 minutes writing, no additional reading time)

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