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NSW Selective Minimum Entry Scores

Opportunity classes and selective high schools do not have set minimum entry scores.

The scores needed to secure an offer vary from year to year.

The threshold for receiving an offer depends on several dynamic factors, including the volume of applications for each school, the performance of applicants, and the number of families who turn down offers.

These variables fluctuate annually, making relying on past scores as a dependable or recommended approach for making school selections unwise.

Parents, students, and schools have raised concerns regarding the reporting and unintended uses of student scores, such as fostering unhealthy competition among students while emphasizing the importance of student well-being and privacy.

The primary objective of placement tests is to pinpoint students suitable for placement in opportunity classes or selective high schools.

The questions do not measure knowledge of the school curriculum, but rather problem solving and critical thinking ability, and therefore cannot be used as a diagnostic tool to identify curriculum areas where children can improve.

Selective Test Dates

Year Dates of the Selective High School Placement Test
(for Year 6 students seeking entry to Year 7 the following year)
2024 Thursday 09 March 2024 for 2025 entry
2025 TBA

Information Source: Public Schools, NSW Department of Education

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