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Frequently Asked Questions

Why my discount coupon did not work?
Check if a discount coupon is still valid and applicable to mock test pack you are buying. Some coupons are valid for particular subscriptions and will not work with other mock test packs.

The discount coupon should be applied on the checkout screen before making payment. See detailed instructions under 'Buying Mock Test Pack' section on our help page.

Could you please advise whether the test packs are sent out as hard copies, emailed as soft copies, or are the tests taken online?
All Mock Tests are taken online, please try our free mock tests to get familiar with the interface.
Why am getting an error - 'too many IP Addresses accessing the account'?
Please check if your internet connection is stable and it is not getting reset frequently. This could change your IP and can cause an account lockout. Another thing to check if your account is not being used by another person.
How can I check my subscription details?
You can see you subscription details by clicking on 'Account Management' tile on Student Dashboard.
Would there be answer explained for all mock tests?
Answers with explanation are provided for all tests.
How can I review previously completed tests?

To see previous tests, click on 'Test Scores and Detailed Reports' in
Student Dashboard.

Please refer to 'Reports and Review' section on the Help and FAQ page
(https://www.oztests.com.au/assist/) for more details.

How many times I can attempt a test?
UNLIMITED - Tests can be attempted the unlimited number of times, the Green Tick indicates that the test has been attempted but does not stop you with attempting it again.
How can I renew my subscription?

To renew or buy an additional subscription

  • Login to OzTests
  • Click on Account Management
  • Click on Buy/Upgrade